Mıhçıoğlu Machine

Since 1970, we have been manufacturing machinery for the textile and plastic recycling industry with years of our experience and works in the sector.

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M-80 Rotary Cutting Machine

M80 Rotary Cutting Machine

Cutting Products

  • 85/1 Drawn or non-drawn nylon waste
  • Flat drawn nylon flament
  • Nylon thread waste
  • Cord yarn waste
  • Knitted, woven pieces of polyester cloth
  • Knitted fabric pieces

Technical Specifications of the Machine

Working width 800 mm
Total width 1000 mm
Total Length 4725 mm
Total height 1500 mm
Cutting width 800 rpm
Cutting Speed 200 rpm
Installed power 12,5 kW
Capacity 1000 - 3000 kg/h
Net weight 2000 kg

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